#BeBrookings Campaign
By: Stacy Aesoph, Director of Workforce Development

You may have noticed the hashtag #BeBrookings being included on social media posts. It’s a new marketing campaign developed by our office (Brookings Economic Development Corporation) to help attract people to Brookings and retain our current residents.

What does #BeBrookings mean? Literally, it means to be here in Brookings. It’s about being a part of something in the community, sharing what you love about Brookings, and highlighting what makes Brookings great. When you share a photo of your kids riding their bikes down your sidewalk, or eating out at your favorite restaurant in Brookings, or enjoying a Jacks game, you are sharing the reasons why you love living in Brookings!

For a local business, using the #BeBrookings hashtag may involve sharing an exciting company announcement, highlighting your employees, or simply encouraging your employees to use the hashtag on their personal social media accounts. One of Brookings’ major employers has already internally promoted using the #BeBrookings hashtag to their employees. We hope to see more businesses do the same.

The campaign is more than a hashtag on social media. We are running print and digital ads to drive people to the website, www.liveinbrookings.com to learn more about our community and search available jobs. We are creating a new Brookings video that includes interviews with current residents talking about why they love Brookings. We are continuing to garner positive media coverage about Brookings and highlight what makes our community special.

In addition to what we have planned, we are continuing to look at new, creative ways to promote Brookings as a place to live and work.

We hope the entire campaign will create excitement within our community and encourage our residents to promote Brookings as a great place to live and work. Not only do we need to attract more people to Brookings, but we also need to retain our current residents – including SDSU students.

You can play a critical role in helping solve our workforce challenges. The more we all promote the reasons Brookings is a great place to live and work, the more positive impact we will have on our community. Be sure to direct people to the liveinbrookings.com site and include the #BeBrookings hashtag with your social media posts!



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