Beckoned: Brookings woman’s physical and spiritual journey
By Brady Mallory, KELO News


From the Super Bowl, to the 2012 Republican National Convention; some of the biggest, and most-watched televised moments have at least one thing in common: Krista Soroka.

For most of her life, Soroka found herself making sure these events, and others, went exactly as planned.

However, for this event planner, her high-powered career left her feeling like she was in pieces.

“It was a very toxic time in my career.  I went through some very difficult times that brought me to my knees,” Soroka said.

Then, in 2008, she got up and walked away from everything.

“I sold my house, gave everything away, and hit the road,” Soroka said.

Recently, Soroka set foot in Brookings, South Dakota.  Why she is there is not nearly as interesting as how she got there.

“I just felt like my life was just dead.  I was saved, but I was stuck.  I wanted to move forward,” Soroka said.

Let’s just say after she downsized her life, she looked upward for advice on how to live.

“Over the course of my life, when I was getting into my 30s, I found I was living more of a casual life of faith.  I wasn’t truly seeking Him,” Soroka said.

Her journey is all in her book, “Beckoned: Learning to Follow Christ.”

“It’s the story he wrote on my heart to share with others.  I’m truly just the vessel that he speaks through to share that.  I serve him and work for him,” Soroka said.

The book chronicles Soroka’s travels all over North America, the people she has met, and the lessons she has learned.

“Put about 65,000 miles on this body,” Soroka said.

Her spiritual journey is the real page-turner.  Soroka says she is using this time to put her faith first and discover how she can do the most good while she’s here on earth.  She says she is going wherever God leads her, versus mapping out her own course.  So, how is this for irony, the former event planner does not have a single plan of her own.

“The ultimate step is going without knowing,” Soroka said.

That is how she got to Brookings. Soroka only planned to stay here for a weekend, but she loved the town and the people here so much, she is calling it home for a while.

“Something stuck with me when I came to visit here and it said bring your dreams, you know, and grow those dreams,” Soroka said.

New connections and friendships continue to blossom here for Soroka. That is actually part of how her book came to life.  Hitch, a Brookings business, designed the book’s cover and sells it.  Stacy Aesoph, Director of Workforce Development for the Brookings Economic Development Corporation, says creative people and entrepreneurs collaborating in Brookings is why the city continues to thrive.

“It’s very reassuring to hear somebody had a great experience, a great feeling when they were here.  I think Brookings is a very vibrant community.  We’re continuing to grow.  So, it’s exciting to hear these stories,” Aesoph said.

You can buy Soroka’s book at Hitch Studio, or its website.  You can also find it at

A life with a big fancy home and a high-powered career can be exciting, but it’s nothing compared to the sense of peace Soroka has now.  Her new book, and her example, are proof you have to be willing to lose yourself to find something even bigger.

“Giving thanks has really been an incredible tool to always remember where I’ve come from, where I am, and where he’s going to lead me,” Soroka said.

So far, everything is going according to plan.

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