PCB printer to enhance student experience, faculty research

Brookings Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) is excited to continue supporting SDSU student and faculty innovation opportunities by providing access to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) printer. This printer will be a key resource for numerous student teams working in a variety of areas: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biological engineering, CubeSat small satellite development, and robotics.

BEDC manages a science and technology equipment fund to support entrepreneurial activities within the Brookings community. The intent of the fund is to assist startups and those focused on emerging technologies with financing for specialized equipment integral to their mission. This fund is utilized to help startups purchase equipment through a no-interest lease back program that is integral to their startup process.

“The talent pool of students and researchers at SDSU is a key asset to the entrepreneurial and economic growth of the community. We continue to be inspired by the innovative work happening at SDSU, and when presented with an opportunity to support these efforts, we took it,” said Jennifer Quail, BEDC Director of Entrepreneur Support.

PCBs are used when developing prototypes, conducting research and in numerous senior design projects. Currently, students and faculty working on senior design or independent research projects develop these PCBs usually as a rough prototype on breadboards or use pre-assembled boards as needed. The new printer will not only speed up the process of design, but also increase the accuracy of the boards and provide a professional outcome. Shorter development time can lead to enhanced discovery, redirection of efforts and elevated results and outcomes.

The PCB printer has been purchased by BEDC and will be available to students and faculty early in the Spring 2020 semester.

“We see the PCB printer as a key tool and resource for our students as it provides for a better understanding of the process from starting with a design to finishing with production,” said Dr. Anamika Prasad, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at SDSU. “In addition, it will also enhance the professionalism of the student project which is critical when seeking internships and employment.”

BEDC’s Entrepreneur Support Program is interested in the continued development of creative and impactful ways to support ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship in the Brookings region. For more information, visit the Brookings Startup Hub at www.startupbrookings.com, contact Quail at (605) 697-8103, by email at jennifer@brookingsedc.com or stop by their office at 2301 Research Park Way, Ste 113.

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