Brookings County residents using child care or planning to use child care in the future are asked to complete survey by February 17th

Projections show businesses in Brookings will continue to grow. Currently, there are more than 1,200 job opportunities available within the county. Additionally, 716 jobs are projected to be created by 2022 according to a recent survey. This increase in jobs will lead to more people coming to Brookings for work – many of which will be parents. With the anticipated growth of our community, Brookings Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) is taking a deeper dive into assessing the current state of child care in Brookings County. This assessment includes surveying individuals that presently utilize child care and those that will have a future need.

The survey results will be used to drive conversations and develop recommendations for strategic growth. BEDC’s collaborative efforts with business and community leaders, organizations and child care providers will assist in identifying unmet needs or opportunities for improvement.

As a community, we need to listen, learn and engage with what people are saying about child care in Brookings County. Child care is not just a family issue, it is a workforce and community issue. Sarah Hauge, Director of Workforce Development says, “A core barrier for employment is child care, these collaborative efforts are needed to create a positive change in the community. By investing in quality child care, we are supporting the needs of employees, which ultimately supports and strengthens our workforce as a whole.”

The short survey can be found on A $250 cash incentive will be awarded to one participant chosen at random from the responses. Brookings County residents who use a child care provider or are looking to use child care in the future are asked to complete the survey by February 17th for their chance to win. All responses will be kept completely confidential.

Anyone interested in learning more about the survey or BEDC’s child care assessment strategy can call 605-697-8103 or send an email to  

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