Functional space, diverse resources and endless possibility

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Brookings Built Green is excited to celebrate the opening of a unique community resource bringing business opportunity, cultural engagement and fellowship through food. The Brookings Community Kitchen located at 420 Main Avenue is designed to be a food hub for the Brookings region.

The mission of the Brookings Commercial Kitchen is to support local food entrepreneurs and food-based businesses with access to appropriate affordable space and equipment, diverse programing and targeted promotion and to spur community engagement in the food industry through varied activities, exciting events and premier programs.

Although Brookings Built Green owner Dusten Hendrickson has quite a few thoughts on who might use the space, he’s open to ideas and suggestions. In addition to typical food startups, Dusten also anticipates the space used for catering, cooking classes, special events like ethnic cooking nights, heritage cooking and even guest chefs. “We are excited to get people into the space, see it, use it and really just let it become what the community wants it to be. At this point, I’m open to any ideas!” said Dustin owner and operator of the Brookings Commercial Kitchen.

There are just a handful of shared commercial kitchens within the state, all with their own unique attributes, business model and desired outcomes. As the Brookings Commercial Kitchen prepares to launch, they certainly see this resource as the launching pad for new and diverse restaurants and food services to open in Brookings.

“Having access to a commercially licensed kitchen will be a game-changer for many food entrepreneurs in the community,” said Jennifer Quail, Director of Entrepreneur Support with Brooking Economic Development Corporation (BEDC). “I’m looking forward to seeing the impact this resource will have on the region, not just for food businesses but overall community engagement.” BEDC supported this project by securing a $91,025 grant from USDA Rural Development, which was used to fund the kitchen equipment and initial programing efforts.

Stop in March 5th from 4-6pm for the open house, ribbon cutting and delightful appetizers. Experience first-hand this amazing resource, picture yourself using the space and just imagine what you could “get cooking”! For more information visit Brookings Commercial Kitchen website at or contact Dusten at

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