Are you looking to build your workforce pipeline? Here is something to consider…the Build Dakota Scholarship Program! Check out the great employer benefits below!

What is the Build Dakota Scholarship?

Build Dakota partners with businesses in South Dakota that specialize in high-need fields. To earn the Build Dakota Scholarship, which is a full-ride scholarship for technical students, recipients commit to work in their chosen field in South Dakota for three years following graduation.

How Does a Business Participate?

Each Build Dakota industry partner sponsors a scholar, paying a portion of their tuition and program expenses. In return, businesses receive a direct pipeline of talent from South Dakota technical colleges and a cost-effective method of training future employees.

How does it work?

Employers who choose to sponsor a Build Dakota Scholar agree to a total investment of $11,000. That amount (due in full by the start of the student’s second semester) is matched Build Dakota to create a full-ride scholarship that covers 100% of a student’s program, including tuition, fees, books and supplies (i.e., tools, uniforms, etc.). In accepting the scholarship, a student commits to work for your company for at least three years following successful completion of his or her academic program at Southeast Tech. The student gets a high-quality technical education for free, incurs no debt and has a guaranteed job with your company waiting for them after graduation. If for any reason the student no longer qualifies or decides not to accept employment with your company, he or she will pay back the money, just like a student loan.

Why should your company participate?

Don’t spend thousands seeking, hiring and training one employee! Your recruiting and advertising dollars will go twice as far with the Build Dakota Scholarship program! Still not convinced? Check out these other great benefits:

  • A cost-effective training pipeline
  • Opportunities to connect with potential employees
  • Free advertising on Build Dakota website

Available Programs

Build Dakota Scholarships are available to students entering high-need fields of study.*

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Building Trades/Construction
  • Energy Technicians
  • Engineering Technicians
  • Healthcare
  • IT/Computer Information Systems
  • Precision Machining
  • Welding

*Programs may vary based on the technical college.

Participating Technical Colleges

Lake Area Technical College |

Mitchell Technical College |

Southeast Technical College |

Western Dakota Technical College |

Sarah Hauge | Director of Workforce
Brookings Economic Development Corporation

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