The Brookings City Council on Tuesday set guidelines for commercial pedal cars/bars to operate in the city.

A commercial pedal bar, also called a party bike, is a non-motorized four-or-more wheeled bicycle-like vehicle that is human powered and transports passengers on bicycle-like seats and is propelled by five or more passengers, not including the operator, according to online.

Pedal bars need to obtain an alcohol “carrier” license from the state, but each city can set their own guidelines, City Manager Paul Briseno said.

City staff recommended:

1. Routes must be approved by the city manager;

2. Hours of operation between 10 a.m. to midnight daily;

3. No liquor, only beer and wine;

4. No glass containers;

5. Vehicle safety and operational requirements;

6. Ability to revoke a permit.

Jessica Herrboldt owns Bum’s Bike & Brew and plans to operate a pedal car in Brookings starting in the spring.

She asked the council about where the routes would be allowed.

Briseno wants the routes to be contained to the business districts, not residential areas; and the pedal car would not be allowed on Sixth Street due to the traffic traveling faster than 30 mph.

Herrboldt pointed out that other cities allow pedal cars on roads with two lanes in each direction, such as Sixth Street.

Briseno said it was an evolving issue.

“As we grow into this, there will be opportunities,” he said.

Councilor Holly Tilton Byrne asked about accessibility for people who may not be able to pedal themselves.

There is a bench on the back and other seats for those who can’t pedal, Herrboldt said.

Herrboldt said she’s not operating a pedal car anywhere else; in fact, she’s in the process of building her pedal car, which she expects to have completed in March. At any rate, she won’t operate the pedal car in the winter but does want to get a screen for rainy days.

Councilors Nick Wendell and Mary Kidwiler were absent from Tuesday’s meeting.

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By: Jodelle Greiner, The Brookings Register

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