BROOKINGS – The Brookings City Council next week will consider applying for a federal grant to fund an interchange at 20th Street South and Interstate 29.

The meeting Tuesday will begin at 5 p.m. with an executive session to consult with legal counsel. The regular meeting will begin at 6 p.m., and a second executive session for contract negotiations will follow the regular meeting. 

An agenda for the meeting is available at


The idea for an interchange over I-29 at 20th Street South has been around for years, evolving over time as Brookings’ business corridor grew to the east and the population expanded to the south.

Last year, the city applied for a Federal BUILD Grant to help pay for the interchange. 

“The project was estimated at $18 million and the city committed $3.6 million,” according to an attachment to the agenda.

The city did not receive the grant. The council plans to apply for the grant again this year in July.

“The total updated project cost is now expected at $23 million, of which 20% amounts to $4.6 million.  A local match will consist of a commitment of $700,000 by private donors, $2 million by Brookings County, and the City’s pledge.  The City is asked to commit $2 million toward this project. The total $23 million project does encompass the traffic lights and 20th Street improvements from 22nd Avenue to the proposed interchange. Once built, the state would maintain the interchange,” according to a memo by City Manager Paul Briseno, attached to the agenda.

The city is gathering information for the submission of the 2019 grant.

“The project would be designed/engineered in 2020-2021 and constructed in 2022. The notification date for successful awards is November 12, 2019. The I-29 and 20th Street South interchange project is a City Council goal,” Briseno wrote.

Brookings Marketplace 

The council will consider amending the current development agreement for the Brookings Marketplace (DOT property) in the northeast corner of Interstate 29 and Highway 14.

The current agreement between the city and Brookings Marketplace LLC will expire July 1. 

“The developer requests an agreement extension to continue national and regional retail recruitment efforts. To ensure proper process and that agreement terms are met, the developer and staff request an extension until July 1, 2021,” according to an agenda attachment.

The finalized plan and agreement would come before the council for final action, according to the attachment.

“The City of Brookings obtained the former Department of Transportation land containing 26 acres located east of I-29 and north of Highway 14 for $1.6 million. An agreement was entered into with Brookings Marketplace, LLC in December 2016 to develop the property with commercial intentions. The original agreement was set to expire December 2018; however, the City extended the agreement until April 1, 2019, and again to July 1, 2019. The terms of the agreement dictate milestones, infrastructure requirements, and additional development agreement requirements,” according to the attachment.

Purchasing 8 acres

“The Brookings Economic Development Corporation desires to purchase approximately eight acres of real property described as a portion of Block Eleven of Freeland Addition to the City of Brookings, for the price of $65,340 per acre,” according to an attachment to the council agenda.

The total purchase would be $522,720 total.

“For the express purpose of furthering economic growth and development of the City of Brookings, South Dakota, the Brookings Economic Development Corporation agrees to sell, convey or otherwise transfer said property to a business which is, or will be, conducting business in the City of Brookings, South Dakota,” according to the attachment.

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