Results from the COVID-19 Brookings Community Survey have been released. 

The survey was created and distributed by the City of Brookings in order to learn about experiences of Brookings community individuals during this time of COVID-19, including identifying immediate concerns and accessing local resources. 

The survey was available online and was also distributed by mail to households in the 57006 zip code. The survey was open starting mid-December through mid-January, giving the community over a month to complete the survey and submit feedback to the City. 

The City received 1,846 completed survey submissions. Here are some highlights from the results:

At total of 92.5% of respondents indicated yes to the question, “Are you receiving all the information you need on COVID-19 and ways to slow the spread?”

• Out of the 7% who indicated no, 41.5% wanted information regarding vaccines.

Of those respondents who answered the question, “What additional information would you like to know about COVID-19?”

• 27.0% indicated how to treat COVID-19

• 23.8% indicated mental health programs/resources

The top three sources respondents are using to get information about local efforts to address COVID-19 include:

• 1. Local / state television news

• 2. The Brookings Register

• 3. South Dakota Department of Health website

When asked the question, “What is your current level of concern about COVID-19?”

• 23.4% indicated extremely concerned

• 41.4% indicated moderately concerned

When asked the question, “How much has your lifestyle changed due to COVID-19?”

• 32.3% indicated extreme change

• 46.9% indicated moderate change

Of those respondents who answered the question, “Are you concerned about getting access to these needs either now or in the future?”

• 17.0% indicated cleaning products and toiletries

• 16.3% indicated medical care

• 10.7% indicated employment

• 10.7% indicated food for your household 

By collecting survey information, the City of Brookings along with community partners have been able to identify specific needs to continue to support the Brookings community during this time of COVID-19. Also, twenty-five survey participants were drawn as gift card winners and were notified via email.

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By: City of Brookings

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