Volunteers distribute food boxes in Pioneer Park

Consider Monday afternoon’s food distribution to 280 families in their vehicles in Pioneer Park an act of biblical proportions in keeping with Jesus’ exhortation in John 25, verse 35, about feeding the hungry.

The food was delivered by a semi-truck from Cash-Wa Distribution, out of Aberdeen. Cars lined up for the distribution and occupied the entire road through the park. Volunteers loaded the cars as they paused while driving through. 

“This comes from the CARES Act, from the (United States Department of Agriculture) program,” explained Nicole Biever, chief development officer for Boys & Girls Club of the Northern Plains. “It’s a way to help make sure that our farmers’ products are getting to people.”

She noted that there was “really good nutritious food here to give out: We have a dairy box, a produce box and a meat box. Every family that comes through gets these (three boxes).”

“The distributors can apply to the USDA to get funds to pay for the food as long as they can find a nonprofit like ours to distribute the food,” Biever explained. She added that the Brookings Boys & Girls Club had been contacted “because the Boys & Girls Club of Aberdeen had a food truck for distribution there.” 

“So they contacted us and we knew that there was a need here in Brookings. We’ve got Salvation Army here helping out, volunteering, getting the food out.” 

Volunteers from the Brookings Boys & Girls Club were also on hand helping with the distribution.

She called the food distribution program “a really great opportunity for our entire community, not just those in need: to make sure our farmers are getting what they need, that families are getting fed because there’s a lot of food insecurity with what’s going on with COVID and a lot of people out of work.”

Biever said this was the second distribution by the Brookings Boys & Girls Club with assistance from other volunteers. The club will do three more Monday distributions in Pioneer Park: from 2-4 p.m. on Aug. 10, 17 and 24.

By: John Kubal, The Brookings Register

COURTESY OF: The Brookings Register

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