BEDC partnering with SDSU to identify the business value of new innovations

Brookings Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) is helping committed researchers identify and refine their ideas, determine the business value of these ideas, and secure funding to further develop their business concepts.

In its third year, Think Tank Thursdays (T3) is a collaboration with South Dakota State University (SDSU) that offers a systematic approach using simple but powerful tools to assess and validate products or services.  

The 2021 Cohort will be offered virtually beginning February 18 and concluding the end of April. The program covers nine modules and includes extensive online tools and resources that are designed to facilitate meaningful discussions among participants.

“Many new ideas and innovations have great potential, the challenge is determining the real world impact these ideas could have,” said Jennifer Quail, BEDC Director of Entrepreneur Support and program host. “The T3 methodology leads SDSU innovators and researchers through the process of discovering, defining, and describing the business value of their ideas.”

Quail is a certified coach in the WKI ( Inc) “So What? Who Cares? Why You?” approach for translating ideas into opportunities. This program has been used by leading science, technology and research-based organizations worldwide to increase their success rate for ideation, pre-incubation and commercialization.

SDSU Innovation Teams participating in this year’s T3 program will be made up of the founders, dreamers, and researchers who provide the idea and/or concept, individuals providing market research support, and technical support and resident experts.

“By joining forces with BEDC, SDSU is demonstrating our commitment to increasing research and commercialization activities at all levels,” said Daniel Scholl, Vice President of Division of Research and Economic Development for SDSU. “Participants in this year’s program will acquire the tools they need to gain financial support for further development of their business ideas.”

Think Tank Thursdays (T3) is a sponsored program of the Economic Development Administration (EDA) funded University Center at SDSU. BEDC is excited to partner with SDSU on the EDA University Center, a one-stop shop that brings together the expertise of SDSU faculty and staff, specialized equipment and resources, talented students, and regional partners to address technical, entrepreneurial and business-related challenges. Visit to find out more.

For more information on T3 contact Quail at or 605-697-8103. This program is just one of BEDC’s many events and programs that are part of the Brookings Start-up Hub, supporting ideas, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the Brookings region. These resources have helped establish Brookings as one of the top communities for entrepreneurs in the nation. For more information, visit

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