Rules & Policies

3-D Printer Policy

BEDC and the Brookings Area MAKERSPACE does not encourage, promote or advocate using 3-D printers within the MAKERSPACE to fabricate any weapons, guns or any products designed for harmful/and or destructive intent to humans or property.

Individuals using the Brookings Area MAKERSPACE 3-D printers to fabricate any weapons, guns or any products designed for harmful/and or destructive intent to humans or property, will be asked to stop fabrication immediately. Please note this type of activity is also grounds for forfeiture of individual MAKERSPACE memberships.

This update is stemming from the recent discussions and pending lawsuits at the national level regarding 3-D printed guns. In addition, products of this nature also pose an additional liability issue for the MAKERSPACE.

Disposable Materials Policy

Class/Workshop/Event Policy

Disposable Materials Policy

In an effort to keep the memberships fees as affordable as possible, all disposable materials are the responsibility of the member.

Disposable materials include but are not limited to:

o   Wood, metal, acrylic, etc. – any material required to create/construct a project
o   Adhesives such as glue, nails, screws, staples, etc.
o   Project specific materials
o   Members are responsible for specific/specialized bits/blades/etc.
o   Sanding materials
o   Paints, stains, sealants, etc.
o   Thread, material, canvas, tarp, leather, upholstery, etc. (commercial sewing machine)
o   Solder
o   Electrical components, wire, circuits, etc.
o   3D filament

Semi-Disposable Materials Policy

In an effort to keep the memberships fees as affordable as possible, the MAKERSPACE has been stocked with standard semi-disposable materials such as saw blades, drill bits and CNC router bits, etc.

Members are asked to replace any standard semi-disposable materials that they damage or break.

Semi-Disposable materials include but are not limited to:

o   CNC Routing Bits
o   Drill Bits
o   Saw Blades
o   3-D Printer Extruder Heads
o   3-D Printer Nozzles

Members that purchase project specific materials are encouraged to utilize off-site or locker storage to minimize or eliminate use/damage by others.

Dumpster Do's & Don't Policy

Brookings Dumpster Service:

  • Can accommodate the small, cut up scrap pieces of wood less than 3’ long.
  • Can accommodate empty aerosol paint cans – empty ONLY.
  • Do Not place any liquid paint in the dumpster.
  • Do Not place any tires, batteries, Freon, toxic waste, etc. in the dumpster.

Individuals that would like to host a class/workshop/event need to be a current member of the MAKERSPACE. Event attendees can be either members or non-members.

By hosting a class/workshop/event, the hosting MAKERSPACE member is acknowledging responsibility to provide all attendees, whether members or non-members, with supervised training prior to the use of any tools/equipment.

All non-members are required to sign (prior to the start of the class/workshop/event) and follow the Guest Release Form. All Guest Release forms need to be turned into the BEDC office immediately after the class/workshop/event.

In an effort to coordinate activities we ask that requests to host a class/workshop/event be submitted to BEDC. The future goal is to have this type of scheduling happen on line in some format. The request should include:

  • date
  • time of day
  • length of class in hours
  • topic of class
  • anticipated number of attendees
  • cost of class

Members that host a class/workshop/event will need to gather/submit a use-fee from each non-member of (whichever is greater) $5.00 or 10% of the cost for the class/workshop/event.

It is optional to charge MAKERSPACE members a fee to attend the class/workshop/event. A discounted fee could be offered to members.

All MAKERSPACE guidelines, rules and policies apply to all class/workshop/events activities and participants held in the MAKERSPACE.

Upon the completion of the class/workshop/or similar event, the hosting member is responsible for making sure the MAKERSPACE is clean and orderly.


  • Must be a current member
  • Schedule the class/workshop/event with BEDC (on-line in the future)
  • Non-members sign and follow Guest Release Form
  • Collect USE Fees from non-members – REQUIRED
  • Collect USE Fees from members – OPTIONAL
  • Follow all use, equipment, tool and space rules, safety policies, and guidelines
  • Clean up the space after the class/workshop/event
  • Turn in Guest Release forms to BEDC office

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