Midwestern BioAg opens distribution facility in Brookings
By South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development

Fertilizer manufacturer and distributor Midwestern BioAg today announced the opening of its newest distribution facility in Brookings, South Dakota. Midwestern BioAg, based in Wisconsin, focuses on helping growers increase soil health as a lasting way to increase crop yields.

“We chose to open our new facility in Brookings to meet the growing demand for our products and services in South Dakota,” said Midwestern BioAg President Sue Gullickson. “This facility allows us to apply product for our South Dakota customers quickly and efficiently, while also expanding our reach across the state.”

“We have products that improve soil health, especially with sodic soils, and that can make a difference on South Dakota farms,” Gullickson added.

“It’s great to see ag-related companies continue to grow in our state,” said Scott Stern, Commissioner, Governor’s Office of Economic Development. “As production agriculture continues to expand in South Dakota, the demand for Midwestern BioAg’s innovative, research based products should only grow.”

At the outset, the company expects to hire three additional staff – a facility manager and two drivers. The new staff will work closely with two local sales consultants: Doug Malone in Arlington and Justin DeGroot in Volga.

The facility will carry custom fertilizer blends with TerraNu Nutrient Technology™, a new process developed by Midwestern BioAg that transforms dairy manure into a dry granular fertilizer infused with essential nutrients. The TerraNu family of fertilizers includes blends formulated for corn, alfalfa and other crops. The facility will stock liquid and dry fertilizers, soil amendments and livestock nutrition products.

The 12,000-square-foot facility, an existing facility that Midwestern BioAg is renting, is on 2nd Street South in Brookings.

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