ELKTON – Mortland’s Burgers and More opened its doors in Elkton recently to high reviews. Owners Randy and Margo Mortland started the business after the previous owners sold the site. 

“When we moved to Elkton, we had eaten here a variety of times, so we knew what the place had to offer,” Margo Mortland said. “When the business closed the last time and had been closed for a few years, we kept thinking it would be a shame for the business to be removed all together and torn down or gutted and we thought, ‘someone should do something with what is already available there.’ Then we realized that we could be that ‘someone.’”

The couple remodeled the property and decided to offer a diner for the community since there was none. They said they didn’t want to open a traditional diner like had been at the location in the past and wanted a more “fast food” atmosphere. 

That’s where the Burgers and More from the name comes from – their offerings of burgers and fries when they opened, with the idea of offering “more” as they continued to be open for business and see what the community would like to have on the menu.

The couple hired a full-time manager, Lisa Gawerecki, to run the restaurant as they both have other full-time jobs. Both the Mortlands and Gawerecki said they have had positive feedback and support both from the community and the surrounding area since opening. 

“We are so grateful to all of our customers that have shown us patience and offer us helpful words of encouragement,” Margo Mortland said.

She added the couple continues to work on a daily routine with the business and making the proper adjustments. She said every day the group is learning, adjusting and improving in order to provide the best customer service possible. 

The couple said the restaurant has a “fast food” vibe, where you order and take food to go, or call in your order ahead and go through their drive-through window. The restaurant features a small dining area with a separate room on the north end of the building. The couple said they are will be offering that space for rental for private gatherings and parties.

The menu at Mortland’s Burgers and More features burgers, broasted chicken, homemade pizza, homemade soups, soft serve ice cream and more. All orders are fresh and made to order, and the business is open daily for lunch and supper. 

“Our hopes and vision for the future are expansion including hours, days and menu items. Of course, all of these take time, so right now we are focusing on baby steps in moving forward,” said the Mortlands.

The business is located at 101 Antelope St. in Elkton and is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. and 3:30-8 p.m. 

Customers can call in their orders to 605-542-8831, and a full menu is featured on their Facebook page at Mortland’s Burgers and More.

Courtesy of: The Elkton Record

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