New website provides full picture
By Stacy Aesoph, BEDC Director of Workforce Development

What do you do when you are considering moving to a new community? You want to learn as much as possible about the community to decide if it’s the right fit for you and your family. It’s a similar process when you consider a job change.

I moved to Brookings 4 years ago, and at that time it was difficult to find full community information and jobs. It was like trying to put a puzzle together – looking for different pieces all over in order to get the clear picture. In my case, going to a bunch of different websites to find what I needed.

When I started my current position at BEDC, I knew our community needed a website that put all the pieces together and would provide a clear picture of what Brookings is about. With all of the job openings available, we needed a website to help prospective residents and job seekers understand what is it like to live and work in our great community.

I spent months researching other community websites and found some award-winning examples. That’s how I came up with

The mobile-friendly website contains a wealth of information about Brookings:

Homepage: Overview of Brookings, including population and location, accolades proving why Brookings is so great, and testimonials from residents.

Work: Information about local employers and in-demand jobs; a free job board for employers and job seekers; listing of professional associations; and resources for entrepreneurs.

Live: Basic resources for new residents such as change of address, utilities and internet providers; housing information including links to realtor and rental companies, median home values, and wage calculator; healthcare resources; childcare resources; community engagement opportunities including churches, clubs and interest groups, and volunteering; newcomer group; retirement; and transportation information.

Learn: Listing of preschools and K-12 information; links to South Dakota State University; continuous learning opportunities including South Dakota Education Campus, Institute of Lutheran Theology, libraries and Makerspace.

Play: Things to do in Brookings including, arts & culture entities, events, food & drink, outdoor activities, shopping, and sporting activities and clubs.

I was able to use local talent to create the website. Hitch Studio in Brookings developed the site and many of the images were taken by local photographers including Jael Photography.

You’ll notice throughout the site there are links to other community partners. I didn’t want to recreate something that was already in place. For example, I included a downloadable link to the Brookings Community Guide, which is developed annually by the Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Whether you are a new resident, a long-term resident, an employer, or a realtor, I hope the website is a great resource for you and provides the full picture of Brookings!

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