On April 13th, students will be hosting the second annual “The Big Event.” The Big Event is a single-day volunteering event held each spring. During the event, hundreds of students visit community homes and businesses to help with projects. The purpose of the event is for students to say “thank you” for everything the Brookings community does for them.

This year, the students want to continue to grow the event and get even more students and community members involved.

Students can sign up to volunteer via the “Student Volunteer Form” on https://www.sdstate.edu/sustainability/big-event. They will enjoy 2 hours of volunteering with the community followed by a social with fellow students and community members. Registration must be completed by April 1st.

Community members can submit a job for students to come help them with. Projects can be for individual homes, businesses, or organizations. Examples of job requests include (but are not limited to) yard work, spring clean-up, cleaning, organizing rooms or garages, helping with big projects, etc. The event is not need-based so job requests are open to everyone. If you are interested in having students come help, fill out the  “Job Request Form” by April 1st at https://www.sdstate.edu/sustainability/big-event .

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