Think Tank Thursdays

Think Tank Thursdays (T3) is an ideation and commercialization program specifically targeting
the SDSU research community

The systematic approach of T3 utilizes the simple but powerful tools of the Wendy Kennedy Inc. methodology to assess and validate ideas. At the conclusion of the program, participants will have developed an investor-ready pitch deck and/or grant application justification; tools to further the commercialization of their idea!

The T3 program has engaged participants from the Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering, the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences and Extension Specialists. The long-term strategy is to engage all colleges/disciplines across the University as well as varied industry partners to support economic development through innovation.

Past participant teams have received grant funds for prototype development and provide on-going support as mentors to others in the program.

Be part of a T3 Innovation Team

Engage in the T3 program through the Innovation Team. Start a team or join a team - select the role(s) that interest you!

Founder/Dreamer/Researcher/Idea Guru:

Provide the idea/concept. Engage in each stage of the ideation and commercialization process. Lead the Innovation Team and determine the next steps at the conclusion of the program.

Technical Support/Resident Expert:

Provide reasonable support and expertise in prototype development, materials/technology acquisition and supply chain. Engagement is welcomed throughout the program but is specifically needed during modules 5-8.

Market Research Support:

Provide information to reasonably assess market size, potential demand, competitors, and collaborators. Engagement is welcomed throughout the program but is specifically needed during modules 5-8.

What to Expect and FAQ's

How is the T3 program set up?
The T3 program is divided into different modules, each with their own tools and resources.

  • Introduction/Overview/Q&A Session
  • Module 1 What is Your Idea
  • Module 2 What is the Problem
  • Module 3 Where does Your Idea Fit
  • Module 4 Who is Your Customer
  • Module 5 What is Your Path to Market
  • Module 6 Where is the Money
  • Module 7 What is Your Competitive Edge
  • Module 8 Can You Execute
  • Module 9 What is Your Value Proposition

What is the schedule?
The T3 program is set up virtually via Zoom meetings. Sessions are scheduled 1 day a week, Thursday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. On-line resources and tools are provided to the participants and review of the material prior to each session is expected. The 2021 program will begin February 18 and continue weekly through April 29 - with the exception of no session on March 10 (Spring Break).

What is the cost to participate?
This program, if offered by a consulting firm would likely be valued at $1,000 + per participant. However, this program is FREE to individuals through sponsorship by BEDC and the SDSU University Center, an EDA funded Center to support industry through innovation and economic development initiatives.

How are Innovation Teams developed?
The make-up of each Innovation Team is as unique as the ideas themselves. Our goal is to connect people, resources, and expertise to help create an impactful team. If you have an existing team, great. If you would like to join a team, great - we'll get you connected!

What happens after completing the program?
In addition to having the content needed for an investors pitch or submittal for grant funding, SDSU accepts applications from T3 Innovation Teams for grant funds to support further development of the innovation.

2021 Introduction Session

What's the Value?
Why Join?

  • Learn a meaningful and repeatable process for ideation and commercialization
  • Test out the viability of your idea
  • Connect with like-minded, innovative individuals
  • Contribute to the development of other's ideas
  • Gain or expand your understanding of the business side of innovation
  • Grow your professional network

Check out the "What to Expect and FAQ section for even more information.

Innovation Team Spotlights


Automated Satellite Monitoring (ASM)
A tool designed for small optical satellites to provide cost effective daily calibrations which ensure image quality and reliability. The small satellite market is rapidly expanding, and a quality image is the key to explore the earth’s surface for better environmental and agricultural solutions.

ear tag

Flash Tags for Livestock
Ag based innovation to improve efficiencies, reduce animal stress, and reduce labor costs. In addition, this technology can be expanded and leveraged to enhance precision cattle management at the ranch level.


The Think Tank Thursdays (T3) ideation and commercialization program requires certification. Jennifer Quail, Director of Entrepreneur Support with BEDC has received certification to coach the So What? Who Cares? Why You? Methodology developed and licensed by Wendy Kennedy Inc. The certification requires annual renewal.


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