Last Friday, the teachers of Hillcrest Elementary held a parade for all their students.

Dozens of teachers decorated their cars and drove around the Hillcrest school attendance boundaries, traveling past their student’s homes in hopes to brighten their students’ days and wave hello.

“In the education world when schools went to remote learning, a lot of schools anyway, kind of had their teacher parade,” Hillcrest Elementary Principal Brad Olinger said. “Kids weren’t able to see their teachers, teachers weren’t able to see their kids, and so that was just kind of a way to just get out in the community and – at a safe distance – to be able to physically and visibly see each other.”

School faculty had been discussing when to hold the parade for a while and determined it would be a good opportunity to kick off the summer for the students. Hillcrest has never hosted a parade of any kind before.

Several teachers, teaching assistants, behavior techs and custodians decorated their cars with balloons and signs, and some were even performing live music in the back of their trucks. Some rode their decorated bicycles as well.

There was a large, but socially distant, crowd of students and parents at Hillcrest Elementary cheering their teachers on as they drove past.

“It seemed kind of like a fun way to, in a way, end the year but also just to kind of wave and see our friends and family, too,” Olinger said.

By: Matthew Rhodes, The Brookings Register

COURTESY OF: The Brookings Register

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