By: Eric Sandbulte, The Brookings Register

There’s no excuse for residents of White not to get into shape now, thanks to the opening of Torque Fitness, the latest business to open in The Farmstead.

Opened by couple Kory Thorstenson and Aspen Greene on June 1, this gym serves as a haven of health that’s also closer to home for the residents of White, providing them with a more convenient workout location.

As new residents to White themselves – they moved in November – it’s something Thorstenson and Greene appreciate themselves.

“Most people we’ve talked to have said they’ve wanted someplace like this for a long time, and that it’s great that they don’t have to drive back to Brookings or try to figure something out after working with their kids. They can just come over a few blocks, and it’s right here. I think that they’ve responded pretty well,” Thorstenson said.

And it’s been a great way to get to know their new neighbors in White.

It’s been quite the ride so far for the young business owners. Thorstenson is a South Dakota State University grad, having earned his degree in health education, which he’ll put to use as a personal trainer at Torque Fitness.

Greene is an architecture student, having gotten her B.A. from SDSU and currently working towards her master’s. She helps out where she can and mostly works behind the scenes.

They each bring different skill sets and have worked well together so far.

Opening the gym at 200 Patrick Ave. has been something the pair have talked about doing for some time, but they didn’t think it’d happen so soon.

“But then this opportunity came up kind of out of the blue. We kind of jumped on it and said this would be a great idea,” Thorstenson said.

And so, when they first got their place at The Farmstead back in May, they began the process of personalizing the room to their needs, painting the walls to make the space as lively as a gym should be.

Moving the exercise equipment in was quite the undertaking for the pair, “but it went smooth,” Thorstenson said.

“We have cardio equipment: ellipticals, treadmills, bikes. Squat and bench rack, … free weights, things like mats for abs and bands for stretching and resistance training. Medicine balls. Foam rollers. We pretty much have it all, just in a smaller space,” Thorstenson said.

There were challenges in getting the business up and running since neither Thorstenson and Greene were educated in business, but their families have been a help, Greene’s mother in particular.

“We have a strong support system,” Greene explained, adding that her mother is an attorney. “She helped us with all the legal stuff.”

Education is another component they hope to expand upon, especially in regard to children. Already during the White Pioneer Days, they led some children’s activities to help keep kids physically active, and they’d like to offer more chances for kids to be physically active.

Gym members can come in at any time they like between 5:30 a.m. and 11 p.m. with key cards they receive, and people can sign up for group classes through Torque Fitness’s Facebook page, Memberships are done through six- or 12-month contracts.

The business can also be reached at 695-1899.

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