b.well Brookings expands to include food program

BROOKINGS – Longtime athlete, fitness enthusiast and foodie Bri Austin believes her b.well Brookings brand is the best option for creating a healthy community.

The b.well brand was created four years ago and is a brand that inspires both healthy eating and fitness. Austin opened her gym next to Cinema 8 and has six different exercise classes to choose from. 

She has also developed a pre-prepared food program, starting this spring, where people can come into the gym and pick up however many premade meals they need for the day or week. 

“Eat Well (the nutritional section of b.well) is an RTE – ready to eat – meal prep service,” said Austin, who makes the meals. “All of the meals are fully cooked, all you have to do is store them in the fridge and heat them up when you want to eat.”

Austin and her team of six trainers strive to make b.well as convenient as possible. 

“I could create the perfect menu and exercise routine,” Austin said, “but the execution piece is where people fail.” B.well is about establishing a welcoming, but also a “no excuses allowed,” community when it comes to maintaining a diet and attending fitness classes. 

“I’m the same as everyone else. I’m a mom, I’ve got young kids, I’m juggling a work schedule, I have errands to run. But at the same time, I’m making time for myself and making healthy choices; these women can relate to me because of this,” Austin said.

The team is about accommodating to the busy lifestyle, but they are also there for accountability, Austin said. “There is literally no work.”

Classes offered at b.well are: cycling, kickboxing, barre, strength training, yoga and high-intensity workouts. At b.well, Austin promotes an environment that allows people to feel supported and accepted for whatever reason they are there.

There are many different age groups and people of varying capabilities exercising at b.well, but the stigmas of working out and body image are removed and all are welcome, Austin said.

Austin achieved her degree in dietetics at South Dakota State University while part of the SDSU women’s basketball team. Before b.well became her full-time profession, she had worked as a dietitian for the South Dakota Beef Industry Council and then Profile by Sanford. She also has been teaching group fitness for 10 years.

“I taught group fitness in the mornings and in the evenings when I was working for Profile, but the nutrition component (Eat Well) made me invest 100 percent of my time to the b.well brand. You often see companies do either fitness or nutrition really well. I want to do both really well,” Austin said.

“Brookings is the perfect fit for b.well. This community is so open and welcoming to entrepreneurs. I credit Brookings to much of my success.” 

There are big plans to grow b.well to function at a much larger capacity, Austin said, allowing for as much of the Brookings community in as possible.

For more information visit www.bwellbrookings.com or email Bri Austin at bwellbrookings@gmail.com.

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